Stream: Tony Molina, “Nowhere to Go”

Listen to “Nowhere to Go,” the first track on Tony Molina’s soon-to-be reissued Dissed and Dismissed LP.

February 06, 2014


"Nowhere to Go" is a little shy of 50 seconds long, but it packs enough throbbing power chords and easy lyrical candor to relieve the sort of nostalgic itch that might prompt you to put on Weezer's Blue Album for the 267th time. Its creator, Tony Molina, is reportedly something of an institution in the Bay Area's pop and hardcore scenes, which tempts me to read the song's opening line—I got to leave this town, cause all my friends they like me more when I am not around—less as a matter of personal truth than a nod to the less-is-more logic that guides his musical choices. It's one of twelve brittle power-pop gems from the songwriter's debut LP, Dissed And Dismissed, which came out last year on local label Melters and is already being reissued by Slumberland on March 25th.

Stream: Tony Molina, "Nowhere to Go"

Stream: Tony Molina, “Nowhere to Go”