Stream: Great Dane, “Blue & Green”

Hear “Blue & Green,” a track from Los Angeles producer Great Dane’s second LP, Beta Cat.

February 07, 2014


Great Dane is the solo alias of Orange County-born producer Dane Morris, a regular at flagship Los Angeles beat scene party Low End Theory as well as a founder of the collective TeamSupreme, perhaps best know for hosting weekly beat ciphers at different speeds. Somewhat appropriately (namewise, and also-soundwise) he's now readying his second full-length for Alpha Pup, albeit with the tongue-in-cheek title Beta Cat, and the above cover image of a very pissed-off looking feline. Here's downtempo album cut "Blue and Green," which feels more about melody and texture than beatwork per se, but jams nonetheless. Look out for the record on February 25th.

Stream: Great Dane, "Blue & Green"

Stream: Great Dane, “Blue & Green”