Watch Lil B’s UC Riverside Lecture, and Congratulations for Being Alive

Watch (and read transcription of) highlights from the Based God’s most recent motivational lecture.

February 07, 2014

It's been almost two years since Lil B's my-life-changing, “golden, million-dollar babies” NYU lecture. Read that here in its entirety. I haven't gotten hold of a full recording of Mr. Motivational's "Thank You Based God" talk this week at UC Riverside—if someone has it, by all means send it along, I'll type up the whole thing—but I did do the transcribing honors to the seven-minute edit Lil B posted to his YouTube. Watch it above, then copy/paste the scripture below for future reference.

I wanna start off by saying I love everybody in here. And I appreciate everyone. This is a big, big thing, because that's what I always wanted to do. Make sure that we, as a people, come in and say, "Hey, for real, congratulations for being alive. Thank you for living." Thank you. You know, thank you for being alive!

Everybody's voice is so important in here. Nobody can be left behind. America, worldwide, however you living, 2014 nobody can be left behind. Friendship, love, just keep going from the heart, being yourself.

This is how you change the world, things like this. People supporting each other. Supporting your Riverside friends, your family, your other family from over there, your family from Korea, your family from Africa, Europe and Germany. You know what I'm saying? Your family from Australia, you know what I'm saying, your family from Thailand. You want to support everybody. The local business owners, you wanna support them. The big, big companies, you wanna support them. You wanna support everybody, you feel me?

Live your life how you want to. Take my love. It's an unconventional method of thinking. It's not normal.

Don't ever feel bad about who you are, you know what I'm saying? That's a hard thing for all of us.

[Based freestyle] I'm on the UC Riverside, closer to the riverside, looking all the beautiful people in they eyes. But you know what? I'm not surprised, because this is meant to be. We are making history, this is us, this is real. Lil B, man, I just speak how I feel. Hip-hop is the new love, because this is us, speaking on your mind. Say what you feel all the time. Make sure of this: we've gotta support our friends, love our people all the way to the end. And when I say people, I'm not talking about me, I'm talking about all of us. Never think key words or some secret codes. I'm not speaking in secret codes to anybody but all of us. This is all love, man. This is all love to the 100 percent. I'm not here to rep my race to win, or some fear shit. I'm not here for all that. I'm here for the people."

Watch Lil B’s UC Riverside Lecture, and Congratulations for Being Alive