Introducing The FADER’s 90th Issue: King Krule and Young Thug

The FADER’s 2014 Spring Style Issue happens to be the magazine’s 90th, and so we’re featuring all ‘90s babies.

February 11, 2014

The FADER's 2014 Spring Style Issue happens to be the magazine's 90th, and so we're featuring all ’90s babies. Clinton-era kids. People whose first phones had touch screens, be they musicians, photographers, writers or emerging best-dressers. Print copies hit newsstands on March 4th, and you can order a copy now. You can read a whole grip of its features online now, including both cover stories: Emilie Friedlander followed King Krule from London to New York, charting the 19-year-old's growing pains as he emerges as a rock star, and Will Stephenson spent a day and night with Atlanta's wildest young rapper, Young Thug. But that's not all: Naomi Zeichner tagged along with HBK Gang, the 17-member strong Bay Area super-crew, and Rich Juzwiak wrote an essay about the 21st century's most important teen pop star, Justin Bieber. Three rising artists—YG, Tinashe and Jim-E Stack—considered how growing up in the ’90s has affected them, and how it hasn't, and five young creative gurus give you tips on how to be awesome at photography, picking outfits, starting a music blog, making rap beats and auditioning for a reality singing competition. With this next generation, the world seems like it's in pretty good hands.

FADER #90 Spring Style Issue features

King Krule: God Save the King
Young Thug: Came from Nothing
Kid Stuff: Justin Bieber
Kind Buds: HBK Gang
Interviews: YG, Tinashe and Jim-E Stack
How To: Holly Henry, Mike the Ruler, Disco Naïveté, C-Sick and Olivia Bee

Above, go behind the scenes on both cover shoots, tagging along with King Krule and Geordie Wood in New York, and Young Thug and photographer Kendrick Brinson. Below, download hi-res versions of this issue's King Krule and Young Thug covers.

Introducing The FADER’s 90th Issue: King Krule and Young Thug