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Download Game, Problem, Huddy and Bad Lucc’s “THOT”

Game recruits Problem, Bad Lucc, and Huddy for an anthem dedicated to everyone’s new favorite slang term.

February 13, 2014

After being relatively quiet over the past few months, Game tries his hand at the ratchet movement, recruiting Problem, Bad Lucc and Huddy for "THOT." It turns out to be a good fit, produced by Jaynari of LA hitmakers League of Starz. I can't help but be a bit offended that they've switched up the definition of "THOT," though. Here the acronym stands for "Thirsty Hoes Out There," but let it not be confused: the original, Chicago-bred term stands simply for "That Hoe Out There."

Download: Game f. Problem, Huddy & Bad Lucc, "THOT"

Download Game, Problem, Huddy and Bad Lucc’s “THOT”