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Super Smart New Brand Trademark Launches E-Commerce

Start shopping Louisa and Pookie Burch’s smart new womenswear brand Trademark.

February 14, 2014

It's a little bit of magic when a label comes fresh out the gate fully formed and with a strong point of view in their first season, and sister designers Louisa and Pookie Burch have accomplished just that with Trademark. They've taken very adult things like Donald Judd sculptures and American Minimalism as the starting point for their PVC jackets and simple dresses, so think of it as clothes for girls that are wise beyond their years, and wise in more ways than one: the price is beautifully right, so as Trademark launches a full e-commerce site this week, you won't be doing stupid things to your bank account as you shop. You'd be especially smart to order the metallic shirtdress, as something tells us we aren't the only ones with the bright idea to buy it.

Posted: February 14, 2014
Super Smart New Brand Trademark Launches E-Commerce