Stream Adelyn Rose’s Ordinary Fantasy LP

Eau Claire, Wisconsin band Adelyn Rose really shine on their second album, excelling in expressing both strength and loneliness.

February 18, 2014

Eau Claire, Wisconsin's Adelyn Rose has been releasing pretty excellent but small-scale-seeming indie rock for a few years now, starting with "Time Stands Still," in 2010, embedded below too because it's unforgettable. Today welcomes the band's second full-length, Ordinary Fantasy, and, for me, a stronger sense that they're a "mature band." I've always been partial to their sadder, slow-building tracks, best exemplified here by "The Wire," whose instrumental swelling and lead singer Adelyn Strei's hints-of-country-rock tone recalls the work of someone like Kathleen Edwards, simultaneously expressing strength and loneliness. Across the board, there's just a general pro-ness to this whole album—something in the stepped-up recording quality on tracks like "Even" and "Structural Hostility," maybe? I like that it's not pay-what-you-want, because it really seems worth it.

Stream: Adelyn Rose's Ordinary Fantasy LP

Stream: Adelyn Rose, "Time Stands Still"

Stream Adelyn Rose’s Ordinary Fantasy LP