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Peewee Longway feat. Quez, “Use Me” MP3

Peewee Longway delivers his best verse of the year over a smoky Bill Withers sample on “Use Me.”

February 20, 2014

An exclusive cut off of DJ Lil Keem's Smoker's Choice mixtape, the latest from Peewee Longway has him channeling early '00s Lil Wayne and bulldozing over a smoky sample from Bill Withers' "Use Me." Quez of Travis Porter helms the second half, reminiscing about "doing backflips on a dirty mattress," but I'm still left breathless from arguably the best Peewee verse of the year. It's produced by the incredibly named Waw Mart.

Download: Peewee Longway feat. Quez, "Use Me"

Peewee Longway feat. Quez, “Use Me” MP3