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Download Dreezy’s Schizo Mixtape

Download “Schizo,” the best project yet from next-up Chicago rap powerhouse Dreezy.

February 26, 2014

Since stealing the show on last year's super-tough "Break a Band" in collaboration with Mikey Dollaz, Chicago rapper Dreezy's potential has been obvious, but until now, she didn't have a representatively great full-length release to her name. That changes with Schizo, a new tape that fully realizes her promise, almost entirely produced by D. Brooks. Dreezy snaps on harder-edged drill cuts on which she's built her reputation, like King Louie-featuring "Ain't For None" and bad bitch posse cut "Zero (Remix)" with Katie Got Bandz and Sasha Go Hard. But it's the more vulnerable tracks that especially shine; her emotional honesty about love, sex and ambition makes this her most mature work yet (reminsicent of fellow next-up Chicagoan Tink's most recent—and best—mixtape Winter's Diary 2). Though there are legitimate bars here, the highlight is crossover-friendly "Heard It All," soaring, radio-primed bliss that would make "Starships"-era Nicki jealous.

Download: Dreezy, Schizo

Download Dreezy’s Schizo Mixtape