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Sicko Mobb, “Pump Fakin’” MP3

Sicko Mobb keep throttling further into radio-pop territory with new track “Pump Fakin’.”

February 26, 2014

Even before signing a deal with Stargate, bop surrealists Sicko Mobb were inching steadily towards the sounds of glossy radio pop. Their past few months of releases, including much of their excellent Super Saiyan Vol. 1 tape, have been increasingly poppy, even as they prod the boundaries of the bop sound. New loosie "Pump Fakin'," produced by Cicero On Da Beat, continues that trend in what might be the bubbliest shooters anthem ever made.

Download: Sicko Mobb, "Pump Fakin'"

Sicko Mobb, “Pump Fakin’” MP3