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Stream: WOO, “1001 Decisions”

A new unearthed track from 1980s ambient legends WOO sounds as blissful as you’d imagine it would.

February 26, 2014


WOO is Mark and Clive Ives, two brothers who spent the 1970s and '80s perfecting sonic bliss so gentle that there's almost something unsettling about it, like music for a housewife sent home from the psychiatrist with about a million prescriptions. Their landmark 1989 album It's Cosy Inside was re-released a couple years back, and now a new collection of unearthed old songs, When The Past Arrives, is coming March 14 on Drag City/Yoga Records. "1001 Decisions" is track 3, and it sounds like the kind of ambient background music that would soundtrack a doctor's office visit in a John Waters movie, the musical equivalent of the softest polyester Hawaiiwan shirt you'd ever wear or beautifully bright fake tropical flowers. Take a listen, put your feet up, smoke a clove cigarette and pre-order the album over at Drag City's site.

Stream: WOO, "1001 Decisions"

Posted: February 26, 2014
Stream: WOO, “1001 Decisions”