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Bally’s Rubberized 24/7 Bags

Bally makes the perfect bags for work and the weekend.

February 27, 2014

And the comfy, cozy boy lifestyle continues—as we've been saying over and over again recently, the only thing on our shopping brain lately has been the search for sensible, functional, one-size-fits-all items that we can carry with us from work to the gym to the weekend. Swiss luxury company Bally has made pretty much the perfect bags to haul through a heavy and busy schedule as part of a new collection of rubberized leather carry-alls in easy gem-colored colors. Taking inspiration from city cycling, rubberized leather is tech-friendly, modern, and most importantly, lightweight, which makes it the perfect combination of old craftsmanship with something futuristic and the ideal thing to hold your Nikes, books and anything you else you might be lugging around on the daily.

Posted: February 27, 2014
Bally’s Rubberized 24/7 Bags