Schnip’s Picks: 10 Hours of Later Jams from Matthew Schnipper

Ten hours of music from FADER editor Matthew Schnipper on the occasion of his leaving FADER. :-(

February 27, 2014

Every week, a different FADER editor compiles a playlist to live in our Spotify app, where it chills alongside GEN Fs from our archives and playlists for each issue. This week, it's Matthew Schnipper with some later jams. In the photo above, Dana Meyerson fulfills her dream of posing in a photo for Slept On, Schnipper's many years defunct weekly column.

Man, this shit was gonna be a perfect 100 songs, but there were just too many jams, so fuck it. I'm leaving The FADER tomorrow after a long ass time on 23rd Street, and it feels super weird. I'm just a little Jewish dude who works real hard all the time to produce a product that I hope you like and I hope has meant something to you. It has meant a lot to me! Over the last 6+ years, The FADER has been my life, and for the last three that I've been editor-in-chief here, it's been even more my life. I look at the stack of the 40 issues that I worked on sitting on the floor of my office and it's just kinda like #selfie. Anyway I'm not gonna be around anymore so here's some shit to remember me by, a comical 10 hours of classic Schnipper jams, songs I have loved for my entire life and songs that I have loved very, very much in the context of FADER. Spotify doesn't have a deal with Drag City so there's no Smog but imagine there's "I'm New Here" on there too. Or maybe "Let Me See the Colts." I can't decide. Peace!

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Schnip’s Picks: 10 Hours of Later Jams from Matthew Schnipper