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Stream: QUAYS, “Cursiv”

Premiere: NYC producer QUAYS has taken to releasing tracks via voicemail. Makes them sound great, though, if not particularly hi-fi. Here’s his second song, “Cursiv.”

February 28, 2014


If you want, and I'd highly recommend it, you can listen to this song by calling this number: 917-410-6948. "Cursiv" sounds much more fucked up that way, and the act of holding the phone is simultaneously really personally connecting and distancing. It's a bit uncomfortable, actually, waiting for someone on the other line to just SAY SOMETHING and instead they're playing you an electronic track that sounds a bit like a heart sinking feels. QUAYS hails from NYC and that's about all I know, besides that voicemail is apparently his preferred method of releasing music; listening to this, though, I somehow feel like I know a lot?

Stream: QUAYS, "Cursiv"

Stream: QUAYS, “Cursiv”