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Stream: Soft Lit, “Ocean King”

An underwater ode by Soft Lit.

March 03, 2014


Tyler McCauley and Tara Chacon were roommates both getting out of bad relationships when they recorded "Ocean King", but you'd never know that there's a sad undertone here when the hi-hats and triumphant harmonies sound more positive and percolating than anything else. The song quite literally bubbles—the lyrics detail some kind of underwater romance as warm as the Bahamas seas and the production bleeps and bloops behind it like a fat fish exhaling. "Ocean King" is from Nick Sylvester's amazingly eclectic GODMODE label compilation Common Interests Were Not Enough to Keep Us Together, which is out now on cassette and has tracks from Yvette, the Sleepies and the incredible debut song of 19-year old singer Shamir, "If It Wasn't True." Take a listen.

Stream: Soft Lit, "Ocean King"

Stream: Soft Lit, “Ocean King”