Two Necessary New Collaborations from Études and Eytys

Two of our favorite young brands make some amazing spring swag.

March 03, 2014

A Monday drop of collaborations from two of our favorite young brands has us drooling at the prospects of wearing them together—we doubt that Études called Eytys’ Stockholm design studio all the way from their Paris showroom to coordinate these releases perfectly, but there's something so right about the prospect of rocking these new duds together, one on your back and one on your feet. Check out info on the collabs below and start making room in your closet for both.

Études is famous for working with their favorite artists for one-of-a-kind printed shirts, but this is the first time they've ever collaborated directly with a boutique, in this case, one of Paris' coolest, The Broken Arm. Called "World Talk," the long-sleeve shirt meshes languages from around the world on a perfectly simple blue long-sleeve.

Eytys first wowed us for just how simple their take on the classic canvas skippie is, elevating the platform a bit but keeping the colors and shapes as clean as possible. Here, inspired by the Memphis Group's radical furniture from the 1980s, they've teamed up with artist Rhys Coren for a series of printed styles of their classic Mother shoe.

Two Necessary New Collaborations from Études and Eytys