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Video: Dawn Golden, “All I Want”

Dawn Golden, the one-man songwriting project of Dexter Tortoriello has released a whitewashed, slightly sci-fi new music video.

LA's Dawn Golden, the one-man songwriting project of Dexter Tortoriello, has released an official video for his lovesick single "All I Want" from his forthcoming full-length, Still Life. The clip was directed by Tyler T. Williams and is set in a rural, whitewashed world of cheap motels and bloodshot eyes; it builds slowly towards a romantic, slightly sci-fi happy ending. Says Tortoriello of the video's conception:

"I wanted to do something that embodied the themes of the album without pointing a spotlight right at them. Mental illness is rarely depicted in an honest way on television and in movies. All you see are the straight jackets, the spit bubbling on the lips, the incoherent shouting and violence — for a lot of people it just comes as a disconnect. We wanted to show the beauty and despair and impossible realities that might exist behind those moments of mania and delusion."

Still Life isn't out until May 13th, but you can pre-order it today.

Video: Dawn Golden, “All I Want”