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Video: Hunterchild, “Aching”

Watch a video for “Aching,” a piano ballad from Hunterchild’s self-titled debut on Temporary Residence.

March 04, 2014


The word "cinematic" is written all over this video for Hunterchild's piano ballad "Aching," from the suspenseful, two-note piano pattern to the sight of singer Luke Aaron Jones walking down a snowy road at night in nothing but a suit jacket, like a soap opera character so worked up about something that doesn't even notice the physical discomfort he's in. But then, in a flourish of costume blood, the frontman of the Bloomington, Indiana electronic pop duo gets shot in the heart, and things take an even more theatrical turn, with bandmate Marty Sprowles (also formerly of Dreamers of the Ghetto) stepping in to help him along the road as he continues to sing the words to this song in an unbroken falsetto. Have you guessed what sort of pain he's singing about yet? "Aching" is a track from Hunterchild's self-titled debut LP, out May 13th via Temporary Residence.

Video: Hunterchild, “Aching”