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Mic Terror, “N.W.G.” MP3

Mic Terror drops his long-awaited debut album, The Fresh Prince Of Darkness, with the political but still super-tough “N.W.G.” as its highlight.

March 06, 2014

Mic Terror's "N.W.G." is the latest in a recent stream of Chicago rappers presenting multifaceted takes on the city's violence and gang epidemic (a welcome gray area between glorification and demonization of those who are stuck participating in it, which also includes the likes of Lil Herb, Lil Bibby and newcomer God). The Treated Crew rapper and Chicago mainstay has finally released his debut album, The Fresh Prince Of Darkness, through local indie label Closed Sessions, with the booming, Ryan E$L-produced "N.W.G." as lead single and clear highlight. Indicting the Chicago Police Department even more than gang members, Mic goes in on institutional corruption and prejudice without getting preachy or sacrificing listenability:

Look out your window, you see anyone? Oh, there go Chief Keef, then well we better run, I saw him on TV shoot people for fun, I saw it Fox News & CNN once, you know the news don’t deceive anyone, you know the news gonna keep it 100.

The Fresh Prince of Darkness is available on iTunes now, and streamable below.

Download: Mic Terror, "N.W.G. (prod. Ryan E$L)"

Stream The Fresh Prince Of Darkness:

Mic Terror, “N.W.G.” MP3