Stream: J.PERIOD’s #MARCH9REVISITED Notorious BIG Remix Album

On the 17th anniversary of Biggie’s death, J.PERIOD pays tribute to the era-defining lyricist with #MARCH9REVISITED.

UPDATE 3/10/14: You can download #MARCH9REVISITED right here.


17 years ago today, The Notorious BIG died at the age of 24. To remember the late, great "rap Alfred Hitchcok," Brooklyn-based producer J.PERIOD and are releasing #MARCH9REVISITED, the final volume of a three part album series that looks to "speculate what hip hop might be like if The Notorious was still around." The hour-long project, featuring instrumentals from Jay Z, Nas, Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill and more, explores old-school sounds through a present-day lens, carefully honoring BIG's era-definining lyricism and his untouchable flow. The collection also features rare soundbites and interview snippets from Jay Z, P. Diddy, Snoop, and The Notorious himself. For more, read Andrew Noz's essay about the "complex and unknowable" legend, and check out a photo essay that revisits some of the most important settings from Biggie's life and career, both from our 2011 Icon Issue. RIP BIG Stream: J. PERIOD's #MARCH9REVISITED

Posted: March 09, 2014
Stream: J.PERIOD’s #MARCH9REVISITED Notorious BIG Remix Album