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Stream: Chief Keef, “Fuck Rehab” and “Either Way”

March 11, 2014

Chief Keef's 90 days of court-ordered rehab may not have changed him -- he posted the above selfie upon his return home -- but they were at least inspiring. To wit, the first single off his upcoming album Bang 3 called "Fuck Rehab." Produced by Bezz Luciano and featuring a verse from GBE's Blood Money, finds an unusually clear throated Keef denunciating rehab: rehab makes me laugh, I'd rather be in jail getting lots of mail. Clear throated until he gets to the hook, that is, where he slips back into warbly sing-rapping (awww no no no no no) and yelling (fuck rehab!) as if he were leading an exorcism. Keef -- who has promised to release Bang 4 before Bang 3, as well as Back From The Dead 2 at some point -- has also release a song called "Either Way" that is pretty ascendent. Listen to both below.

Stream: Chief Keef, "Fuck Rehab"

Stream: Chief Keef, "Either Way"

Stream: Chief Keef, “Fuck Rehab” and “Either Way”