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Stream: Ibn Inglor f. Nick Acquroff, “Damaged”

Premiere: Chicago’s Ibn Inglor lashes out on dark, clanging “Damaged,” the second track off upcoming mixtape New Wave 2.

March 11, 2014

Last year Ibn Inglor released what may have been the best overlooked Chicago rap tape of the year (though it could just as easily have been considered a noise project) with New Wave, a shadowy, howling portrait of urban isolation that harnessed drill's nihilism but sounded wholly its own. Today he shares "Damaged," the second single off its sequel New Wave 2, and it might be his best stand-alone song yet. With help from Australia's Nick Acquroff and production/visual art duo Mhone Glor (a collaboration between Inglor and friend Brandon Mahone), it's dark and churning, the beat marked by industrial clangs, as Inglor channels his pain into fury—I'm damaged, full clip going Rambo, bitch.

Stream: Ibn Inglor f. Nick Acquroff, "Damaged"

Stream: Ibn Inglor f. Nick Acquroff, “Damaged”