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Stream: William Starr Busbee, “Forever”

Hear a song by South Carolina songwriter William Star Busbee, the newest signee to one of our favorite little labels, Orchid Tapes.


The newest addition to the Orchid Tapes dream team is Columbia, South Carolina singer-songwriter William Starr Busbee, whose new full-length College Rock II is pretty perfectly aligned with the New York label's lovable vibe. "Forever" is my favorite type of pop song, taking that sulky lo-fi sound and adding a sort of Southern soulfulness to the formula. When he sings If only I could hold you forever/ if only I could hope to make you see/ if only I could finish my endeavors — all wounded, doubled-up vocals and hazy production — I imagine this is how a Bruce Springsteen song might sound to someone with an unhinged psyche. Busbee's virtual presence doesn't seem to exist beyond a couple hyperlinks to his old band's scuzzy material, but thankfully College Rock II will be out soon, IRL, via Orchid and pressed to vinyl by Fork and Spoon.

Stream: William Star Busbee, "Forever"

Stream: William Starr Busbee, “Forever”