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Stream: IYES, “Breathe”

Listen to the new song from the Brighton electro-pop duo IYES.

Photographer James Perolls
March 24, 2014


Brighton electro-pop duo IYES (pronouced "eyes") is comprised of Melis Soyaslanova, from Prague, and Josh Christopher, who met by happenstance a little more than a year ago at Christopher's flat. Their's is a formula that works: the male-female vocal interplay recalls the XX but where the latter employ serious economical minimalism, IYES' production swells to the seams. "Breathe" -- co-produced by MNEK -- is deliberately controlled with currents of hazy synths and rhythmic booms. The only space between beats plays like sparse euphoric exhales, a near-suffocation apt for a song about just that. Stream the track below, and look for a proper IYES release sometime late this year.

Stream: IYES, "Breathe"

Stream: IYES, “Breathe”