Stream: ZelooperZ, “Plateau”

Is Bruiser Brigade’s youngest member, ZelooperZ, the Young Thug of Detroit?

Photographer Tone Foster
March 25, 2014


Could ZelooperZ be the Young Thug of Detroit? Now 20, he's been bottling up all types of shit over the years, it seems, cultivating an extreme style that's sort of like if Thug grew up with Eminem's angst instead of Fabo's stunting, then linked with Danny Brown instead of Gucci Mane. He did the hook on "Kush Coma," is signed to Bruiser Brigade and will open for Brown on his Old tour—massive series of dates is here. "Plateau" is the first song from ZelooperZ' forthcoming album, HELP, release date still TBA. Wild wild wild.

Stream: ZelooperZ, "Plateau"

Stream: ZelooperZ, “Plateau”