Video: Oochie, “Danielson”

Premiere: Washington DC’s Oochie, part of Fat Trel’s Slutty Boyz crew, shares a goofy video for “Danielson.”

March 26, 2014


Washington DC's Oochie—the secret weapon of Fat Trel's Slutty Boyz collective—shares a Mike Tyler-directed video for "Danielson." In sound, he's got a lot in common with young, street-oriented Chicago rappers a la GBE, but he's not too hard to be goofy: in the video, he karate-kicks around the house in a robe, and his verses are littered with fart jokes. Produced by 2 Tall, it's a cut off January's slept-on Dewprint 2 tape; download and stream it below.

Download: Oochie, Dewprint 2

Video: Oochie, “Danielson”