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Download Zuse’s Bullet Mixtape

Atlanta-via-Kingston rapper Zuse shares his debut mixtape, Bullet, bridging the gap between dancehall and experimental Atlanta.

March 27, 2014

I've been waiting on this one for a while: today Kingston-born rapper Zuse (currently living in Atlanta) drops his debut mixtape, Bullet. It's a remarkably polished debut project from one of Atlanta's most singular new voices, merging dancehall cadences with the snarling experimentation of the city's weirdos like Young Thug, who appears on tape highlight "Mayday." The production roster's especially impressive, alternating between FKi's skeletal essentialism and 808 Mafia's sinister roar. Don't miss the howling "Red" and Zuse's Juvenile impression on "Big Tymers."

Download Zuse's Bullet Mixtape

Download Zuse’s Bullet Mixtape