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Stream: Jensen Sportag, “One Lane Lovers”

Hear the new single from inscrutable Nashville duo Jensen Sportag.


Jensen Sportag, the inscrutable Nashville duo of Austin Wilkinson and Benji Craig, makes quirky glitch-pop tunes that are often overlooked. I would say that it's misunderstood, but that might imply that I understand it — which I'm not 100% sure I do. But I know that I like how it sounds: steamy but also cold, streamlined but also choppy, retro but also futuristic. "One Lane Lovers" is their latest creation and it has all of those conflicting elements, and a few others. The song is the a-side of their new two-track single, out April 8th on Cascine.

Stream: Jensen Sportag, "One Lane Lovers"

Stream: Jensen Sportag, “One Lane Lovers”