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Stream: Maria Minerva, “The Beginning”

Hear Maria Minerva’s flirty new production “The Beginning” from a forthcoming full-length.

Estonia-born and well traveled, Maria Minerva is a singer/songwriter for restless digital natives. She releases the kind of electronic pop constructions that sound and feel like being in your twenties: sometimes ecstatic and other times unwieldy. "The Beginning" is definitely the former; Minerva sings about ditching inhibitions in the club and making suitors weak in the knees over skittering percussion and airy synths. There's often a winking coyness to Minerva's songs, but this one — though lightweight and flirty — feels pretty sure of itself. The track will appear on her forthcoming Histrionic LP, her first album recorded in the States; it's out out April 29th on Not Not Fun.

Stream: Maria Minerva, "The Beginning"

Posted: March 28, 2014
Stream: Maria Minerva, “The Beginning”