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Video: D.D Dumbo, “Tropical Ocean” (Oak Forest Version)

Watch Melbourne songwriter D.D Dumbo perform his single “Tropical Oceans” alone in the Australian bush.


Melbourne songwriter Oliver Hugh Perry, who releases music as D.D Dumbo, has shared an unconventional performance video for "Tropical Ocean," a song that hovers somewhere between soul-baring country and minimal art pop. The track was already very pretty, but seeing it performed in the in the middle of the Australian bush —Perry surrounded by thick greenery and loop pedals while yellow light seeps through the canopy — adds an extra layer of charm. It seems like it was nearing dusk when they filmed it, and this is a pretty ideal "magic hour" soundtrack. D.D Dumbo's self-titled EP is out now on The Blue Rider.

Posted: March 31, 2014
Video: D.D Dumbo, “Tropical Ocean” (Oak Forest Version)