Stream: Diamond Terrifier, “Psycho Tropical Cancer Mixtape”

In his new “Psycho Tropical Cancer Mixtape,” Diamond Terrifier puts his own, saxophone-laden spin on a collection of Dutty Arz tracks.

April 02, 2014


When he plays out under solo alias Diamond Terrifier, Zs founder Sam Hillmer typically links his saxophone up to a bunch of effects pedals and layers together a bunch of jazzy melody fragments and buzzing drones. The result is always engrossing, but there's something extra visceral about his new "Psycho Tropical Cancer Mixtape," which sees the Brooklyn musician basically blowing his horn to shreds over a bunch of cut-up tracks from New York underground hip-hop collective Dutty Artz, and as well some effects-laden guest verses from that label's Dapwell and Marley G. There's a seasick lurch and humidity to the combination that feels pretty well-suited to the tropics theme, although Hillmer sums up the vibe pretty perfectly with a Homeland metaphor: "The vibe of the mix is mostly based on the psycho tropics aspect, as in what Claire Danes takes, or doesn't take, on Homeland, where she plays a bipolar CIA operative, and the kind of energy patterning that neuro-atypical people embody, especially those with mood disorders. Like the vibe is chill, and then boom! You just lift up, whoosh! Down, up, etc..." Diamond Terrifier tourdates below.

Stream: Diamond Terrifier, "Psycho Tropical Cancer Mixtape"

04/04 Powerhouse - Moscow =
04/06 Altes FInanzamt - Berlin (with Trouble)
04/07 Baustelle Kalk - Cologne
04/08 Klooster - Rotterdam (+Oracle DJs) KLOOSTER
04/09 Oberdeck - Hannover
04/10 Epaule Jete - Brussels
04/11 Golem - Hamburg
04/13 Clandestino - Faenza
04/15 Menza Pri Koritu - Ljubljana
04/16 Macao Squat - Milan
04/17 Ostinato - Budweiss
04/18 Pratersauna - Vienna (+Oracle DJs)
04/19 TBA - Berlin (+Oracle DJs)
04/20 West Germany - Berlin (Score Installation)
04/21 Cult - Moscow
04/23 Princeton University with P.L.orch
04/24 Day of Noise at Suny Purchase

Stream: Diamond Terrifier, “Psycho Tropical Cancer Mixtape”