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Video: Classixx, “A Stranger Love”

Watch the black-and-white video for Classixx’s “Stranger Love.”


Last year, LA electronic duo Classixx released Hanging Gardens, a cohesive album of originals that proved they could do more than make really great remixes. Today, album cut "Stranger Love" — which features vocals from Sarah Chernoff and Classixx's signature wooziness — gets an official, black-and-white video that follows two kids in an uninhabited city without rules or authority figures. Save a few supernatural flickers, the whole thing reminds me of Kisses, an Irish movie about two pre-teen runaways adrift in Dublin — except that film was mostly soundtracked by Dylan songs and this clip features some shiny, feel-good synth pop.

Posted: April 02, 2014
Video: Classixx, “A Stranger Love”