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Stream: Lil Bibby, “Dead Or In Prison”

Old soul Lil Bibby shares “Dead Or In Prison,” the first look at his next project, The Book EP.

April 07, 2014

Free Crack, last November's great debut mixtape from baby-faced old soul Lil Bibby, represented a subtle but important shift in young Chicago street rap, not only defying the city's reputation as anti-lyrical, but also tweaking drill's themes to be just as bitter and remorseful as they are proudly nihilistic. He recently announced a follow-up EP, The Book; its first look, the C-Biz produced "Dead Or In Prison," continues his tradition of balancing tough-guy flexing and world-weary contemplation, countering his recent success with his childhood assumptions that he'd end up dead or in prison. The Book is expected to drop before summer; if you missed it, watch Bibby perform one of his best songs, "Water," at The FADER FORT in Austin last month.

Stream: Lil Bibby, "Dead Or In Prison"

Stream: Lil Bibby, “Dead Or In Prison”