Stream: Bayou, “Airlock”

Hear the first track off London bedroom pop artist Bayou’s new mixtape.


Bayou is the alias of UK tastemaker Hari Ashurst, who has been featured not once, but twice, in our Dollars To Pounds column for his various musical projects. "Airlock" is the first track from his new mixtape, Loopback, and it's a kind of distorted, hermitic take on classic hip-hop song structures. The spoken-word verses — which sound like garbled, hyper-processed rapping— give way to a breathy hook that finds Ashurst crooning about something being perpetually too far away in his echoey, heartsick falsetto. Loopback is out May 12th on Double Denim, the London blog-turned-indie label that Ashurt co-founded in 2010.

Stream: Bayou, "Airlock"

Posted: April 08, 2014
Stream: Bayou, “Airlock”