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Stream: TĀLĀ, “The Duchess”

Iranian-born, London-based singer/producer gleams with the promise of new pop forms.

April 08, 2014

The first we heard of Iranian-born, London-based singer/producer TĀLĀ was on T. Williams' Feeling Within release last year. TĀLĀ's turn on the EP was a perfectly pleasant, if a little familiar, chart house vocal. Her debut solo track "The Duchess" veers off that well-beaten path toward altogether more intriguing territory. It's got that syrupy slow, cotton candy texture to it so beloved of production outfits like Supreme Cuts and The-Drum but where they roll with rap and R&B respectively, TĀLĀ gleams with the promise of new pop forms. Listen out for TĀLĀ's debut EP The Duchess on Aesop, the label responsible for launching SOHN, in the next few weeks.

Stream: TĀLĀ, "The Duchess"

Stream: TĀLĀ, “The Duchess”