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Stream: The Outfit, TX, “Stalactight”

Houston-via-Dallas trio The Outfit, TX shares a darker twist on their usual syrupy space funk on new track “Stalactight.”

April 09, 2014

Here's "Stalactight," the latest from Houston-via-Dallas trio The Outfit, TX, who continue to be underrated despite a slew of great 2013 releases (Starships & Rockets: Cooly Fooly Space Age Funk and an ambitious double-album split between members Mel and Dorian, Cognac/Four Corner Room). Co-produced by Shuttle Music, it's a bit darker than their usual fare, but no less influenced by ’90s UGK-era Texas trill mixed with some P-Funk (though am I crazy for detecting almost a touch of Mystikal in their delivery here?). No word on where this track will end up, but they're planning on releases three more installments of their Texan Chronicles series; hear the group discuss what it means to be a Southern rapper in 2014 on a recent Fresh Out The Box interview here.

Stream: The Outfit, TX, "Stalactight"

Stream: The Outfit, TX, “Stalactight”