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G-Side, “Statue” MP3

Reunited Hunstville duo G-Side toughen things up on “Statue,” the first single from their next album.

April 15, 2014

After a yearlong hiatus (and, before that, over a decade of making music together), Hunstville, Alabama duo G-Side reunited last November. "Statue" is the first official release from their next album, Gz II Godz (the Leonardo DiCaprio-sampling "Forever" was just a warm-up). As usual, the beat's by in-house producers Block Beattaz, but instead of the dewy soundscapes they typically paint, "Statue" sounds a bit harder, more brittle, even after a deceptively warm intro. They still sound incredible.

Download: G-Side, "Statue"

G-Side, “Statue” MP3