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Download The Devil’s VIOLENCE Mixtape

Producer-slash-anarchist The Devil delivers his second tape, a chilling fusion of harsh, fatalistic samples and angry ass rap.

April 16, 2014

Last year, The Devil—ie Derek Schklar, former manager of Atlanta rappers Pill and Trouble turned producer and multimedia artist—emerged from the shadows with Harbinger, the kind of mixtape you're hard-pressed to consider a mixtape. Rather, it was a painstakingly considered collection of harsh, blood-chilling samples, fatalistic news clips, and hardcore Southern rap, accompanied by a 25-minute film, that gave you only two options: take it in, jaw agape, or run the fuck away. He returns with VIOLENCE, and while there are a few more rap songs that sound like, well, rap songs here—with a handful of verses from DTE's Alley Boy and Pesci, among others—it's no less severe, in sound and in content. It's a challenging listen, less because of its structure than because of the prevailing sense of hatred—of America, of authority, of himself.

Download: The Devil, VIOLENCE

Download The Devil’s VIOLENCE Mixtape