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Stream: Fatima, “Ridin Round (Sky High)”

So infectious, soul-inflected new single from the Swedish singer/songwriter.

April 21, 2014


A breeze all up in your face, buildings slipping into a blur, the scent of skin baking in the sun: Swedish singer/songwriter Fatima nails the languid joy of – you got it – ridin round, sky high on her so infectious, soul-inflected new single. Fatima's long been known for her collaborations (if you missed 2012's "Phone Line" with Funkineven, acquaint yourself now) and work with the Eglo Records crew, the London label started by Alex Nut and Floating Points, so it's more than welcome news that her debut solo album Yellow Memories is on its way. May 12th, in fact. Enjoy.

Stream: Fatima, “Ridin Round (Sky High)”