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Stream: MikeQ & DJ Sliink, “Werk’d It”

Ballroom and Jersey Club go head-to-head for new Fade To Mind single series.

April 23, 2014


Okay, it's a snippet but WHAT A SNIPPET. This is what it sounds like when you get Ballroom champion MikeQ and Jersey Club mainstay DJ Sliink in a room. In a nutshell, wild as hell. The two New Jersey producers went head-to-head on "Werk'd It" for the first of Fade To Mind's neatly named new collaboration series, Mind 2 Mind. The single came out yesterday in digital form (bag it here) with vinyl available right here. Plus scope the other side, "The Bitch feat. Miss Jay", here.

Stream: MikeQ & DJ Sliink, “Werk’d It”