Stream: Jetta, “Crescendo” (Prod. by Pharrell Williams)

UK singer/songwriter Jetta links with Pharrell for this soul-pop debut.

April 28, 2014


In between 24-hour videos, tear-stained interviews with Oprah and a seemingly limitless capacity to lend his name to brands, Lil' Skateboard found time to bless UK upstart Jetta with the driving soul-pop soundbed for "Crescendo," the debut single from her upcoming EP of the same name. "It was last Summer in Miami. We were just jamming and talking about stuff to get us inspired," she says of her sessions with the white-hot producer. "The thing is, you have two days with someone and it's not much time, so it feels great when you get to that idea you both want to run with." Luckily, they landed on something potent: the 24-year-old singer/songwriter has the kind of smoky, low-register voice that made Kelis famous, with a square-shouldered attitude that's part Bey, part Blondie. And if they laid these bricks a tower tall, then why not think you can turn it into gold? Jetta ponders--if anyone has a shot, it's her.

Stream: Jetta, "Crescendo" (Prod. by Pharrell Williams)

Stream: Jetta, “Crescendo” (Prod. by Pharrell Williams)