Stream Tredici Bacci’s The Thirteen Kisses Cassetta

Stream the debut album from Boston’s 14-piece lounge jazz collective, Tredici Bacci.

April 28, 2014


A couple weeks ago, we debuted a pretty insane-sounding orchestral jazz number by Boston's Tredici Bacci, a thirteen-piece collective from Boston led by Simon Haynes, bassist of the local punk band Guerilla Toss. Their debut full-length, The Thirteen Kisses Cassetta, was inspired by '70s Italian cinema music, and is composed in a way that you don't see too many young artists doing music today (ie, written out on sheet music). In short, it's pretty much the opposite of punk music, although it's feels so radically different from anything else floating around on the internet right now that maybe it is kinda punk after all. Stream the entire album below, and pick up a cassette copy via NNA Tapes.

Stream: Tredici Bacci, The Thirteen Kisses Cassetta

Stream Tredici Bacci’s The Thirteen Kisses Cassetta