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Stunt Taylor, “Flee Amigo” MP3

Bop hitmaker Stunt Taylor joins one of drill’s best producers, C-Sick, for steel drum-heavy new single “Flee Amigo.”

April 28, 2014

Stunt Taylor's "Fefe On The Block" might be the most definitive song of Chicago's bop movement; it may not have gotten the same viral hype as "Dlow Shuffle," but on local radios, it's become a cult favorite. On his latest, "Flee Amigo," he links for the second time with C-Sick, quietly one of drill's best producers (he had a hand in some of King Louie's best songs, but seems to have gravitated towards bop production in recent months). It doesn't stray too far from the blueprint of "Fefe On The Block," though with a lot more steel drums—essential summer BBQ music.

Download: Stunt Taylor, "Flee Amigo"

Stunt Taylor, “Flee Amigo” MP3