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Stream Young Magic’s New Album, Breathing Statues

Persuasive, percussive ambience reigns on New York duo’s second album.

Photographer Coco Monier
April 29, 2014


Don't let the name fool you, New York duo Young Magic's new album Breathing Statues was made on the move. In Morocco, France, the Czech Republic, Australia and Iceland to be specific. The duo recorded wherever they could while on tour, finishing up in their New York studio. That sense of motion runs throughout the album: whether they're doing persuasive, percussive ambience ("Waiting For The Ground To Open") or moody electronic pop ("Something In The Water"). Due out on Carpark Records on May 6th, it's a dense listen–layers for days–but one that sucks you into its world willingly.

Stream Young Magic’s New Album, Breathing Statues