What to Watch on Netflix on a Rainy Day

The storm is a-coming, so here’s 12 things to watch when you’re stuck indoors.

April 29, 2014

12 movies, shows and new adds to curl up on a rainy day with

Spring hasn't brought quite the paradise we need after this year's insanely rough winter. Case in point, a three-day storm that hit the Midwest this week and is making it's way up the East Coast to basically drop an ocean of water on everything in its path. The only silver lining is the silver screen: take this opportunity to catch up on your Netflix queue so by the time summer hits, you'll be ready and raring to run free. If you're looking for suggestions, here are 12 of The FADER's favorite streaming picks.

20 Feet From Stardomwatch

Documentary about the incredible female backup singers behind the biggest rock stars. So many chills when they play the vocals behind "Gimme Shelter" a cappella. Darlene Love is the best.

State Propertywatch

An untouched time capsule from 2002. The Roc-A-Fella era in all its tall tee’d glory. Come for Beanie Sigel’s gripping portrayal of a Broad Street bully with a soft spot for his baby girls, stay for Jay Z and Dame Dash’s brief but hilarious Bert & Ernie-esque banter. Oh, the buddy comedy sequel that could’ve been.

Robin Hood Men in Tightswatch

For some reason this exchange has always resonated, lol. Blinkin: "Did you say 'Abe Lincoln’?" Ahchoo: "No, I didn't say 'Abe Lincoln', I said 'Hey Blinkin.' Hold the reins, man."


A truly batshit addition to the teen horror cannon, +1 is a small film about a big party. Alcohol, clones, alternate realities, second chances.

Gossip Girlwatch

There's no good reason not to binge watch six seasons of entitled Upper East Side teens incestuously hook up, party at all the chic clubs and shop at Barney's like there's no tomorrow. Extra points to the casting director for securing cameos from real-life fashion and music stars like Humberto Leon of Opening Ceremony, Alexa Chung and Sonic Youth.


Isla Fisher, Lizzy Caplan and Kirsten Dunst star in this dark comedy that's sort of like Bridemaids with a smaller budget and way more cocaine. Rebel Wilson steals the show with her naive comedic genius.

Bob's Burgerswatch

If you're looking to binge watch a hilarious cartoon while glued to the couch, this is the one. Good luck picking a favorite character. (But really, Tina FTW.)

Mother of Georgewatch

Directed by The FADER photographer Andrew Dosunmu, with costumes from The FADER style-editor-at-large Mobolaji Dawodu, this is a harrowing movie about a Nigerian woman in Brooklyn and her pursuit of pregnancy, with an ending that will make you want to cry.


Miley Cyrus plays Demi Moore’s daughter; both of them have relationship problems. Wikipedia plot summary says: "The film ends with Anne and Lola laughing out loud while cuddling."

Agatha Christie's Poirotwatch

David Suchet stars as a mustachioed French detective in this campy but comforting art deco murder mystery series based on a bunch of really convoluted Agatha Christie plot lines; you'll never be able to guess whodunnit, but Poirot always does.


Not that Lars von Trier is ever a light watch, but there's something weirdly uplifting about this modern day sci-fi flick that explores our relationship with depression and anxiety. Honestly, it's way better than that sounds.

The Housemaidwatch

Korean film that pays a lot attention to detail. Great clothes, lots of sex and the ending is absolutely bananas.

What to Watch on Netflix on a Rainy Day