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Stream: KStewart, “Tell Me ‘Bout That” (Prod. by Karma Kid)

Bondax’s live vocalist strikes out solo, with a Karma Kid-produced track that sounds suited for a swank loft party, elevator ride included.

April 30, 2014


Kate Stewart, or KStewart for short, has been Bondax's live vocalist for a little while now. With "Tell Me 'Bout That," the London singer makes her first foray into the solo game. Produced by Karma Kid, it's got a really charming intro that evokes taking the elevator to a swank loft party, like there's cheesy muzak playing inside on the way up and, as you get closer, the DJ somehow seamlessly blends in a roll of hi-hats. KStewart is nothing but capable overtop. She's said to have songs with TCTS and of course Bondax in ye olde pipeline, too, so keep an eye out.

Stream: KStewart, "Tell Me 'Bout That" (Prod. by Karma Kid)

Stream: KStewart, “Tell Me ‘Bout That” (Prod. by Karma Kid)