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Watch: Russo, “Purple Earth”

Gaudy ‘80s promo footage makes for a vaguely sinister video from NYC artist.

April 30, 2014


Through the eyes of NYC video artist, programmer and musician Russo, the world is cast as a spinning menagerie of artifacts in his video for new ambient techno track "Purple Earth". The footage seems to largely been harvested from '80s promotional videos and its gaudy, pre-internet optimism has more than a sinister edge to it. Microchips, swanky cars, computer gadgetry: things–so many things–designed for our work and leisure, paraded to spike desire and urge purchase. "Purple Earth" is taken from Russo's forthcoming EP Wild Metals, due out on Luke Wyatt's, aka Torn Hawk, label Valcrond Video on June 19th.

Watch: Russo, “Purple Earth”