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Watch Kool A.D. Collaborator Käss Overall’s “Cauliflower”

Drummer/producer/rapper Käss Overall takes a bath in his new clip for “Cauliflower,” off a forthcoming solo record.

May 01, 2014


Earlier this year, drummer/producer/rapper Käss Overall teamed up with Kool A.D. for their second off-kilter album together, Coke Boys 5, which saw the pair take on "Stoner," "Started from the Bottom" and hop on a crazy Amaze 88 flute beat, gratuitously dropping in "Damn son, where'd you find this!?" throughout. Goofball shit, having-more-fun-than-you rap. "Cauliflower" is a new Käss Overall solo track, which he also produced, taken from a forthcoming project that'll roll out over the next month. The video's alternately hard to watch and funny, the way hanging out with stoned people can be. Favorite lines: Lookin back on the times that you didn't have/ They were really funny but I didn't laugh/ My bad, life's gettin colder.

Watch Kool A.D. Collaborator Käss Overall’s “Cauliflower”