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Listen to Lemonade’s Out-of-Focus Remix of Brett’s “Chalon”

Stream Lemonade’s remix of a Brett song that celebrates the Brooklyn trio’s new home at Cascine.


Brooklyn trio Lemonade have never been one for overt dynamics; they're music often feels like the act of swimming in a slow-moving river, against the current. On a remix of "Chalon" by DC band Brett, Lemonade ditch the original's bright vocal melody while extracting bits of its atmospheric prettiness. It's really sunny outside, for once, and this remix kinda feels good for easing into nice weather slowly, appreciating the Vitamin D but not packing up your raincoat just yet. The remix is in celebration of Lemonade's recent addition to the roster of dream-pop peddlers Cascine; they'll release a third LP with their new label sometime in late 2014.

Stream: Brett, "Chalon (Lemonade Remix)"

Listen to Lemonade’s Out-of-Focus Remix of Brett’s “Chalon”