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Roots Reggae Revival: Watch Protoje and Chronixx’s “Who Knows”

Leaders of the Kingston reggae revival scene, Protoje and Chronixx, team up for their hit “Who Knows.”

May 02, 2014


On the chorus of roots reggae revival leader Protoje's "Who Knows," his likeminded cohort Chronixx sings, I'm pleeeeaaassed to be chilling in the West Indies. No shit—as you should be. This video's slaying my New York office life. In Chronixx's recent The FADER GEN F, he said, "What the ancient men used to experience, what Peter Tosh and Bob Marley and Jacob Miller used to experience, is a lot different from what we’re experiencing now.” Sure, in the clip the pair encounter a few problems, but their version of overcoming fortunately comes with lagoons and dope vests, too. And their forebears' music has clearly left a mark—part of what makes "Who Knows" such a hit is its perfect execution of a fat-drummed, heavy ’80s reggae sound. The song's the first official single of Protoje's third studio album, out this September. Check me playing it a million times till then.

Roots Reggae Revival: Watch Protoje and Chronixx’s “Who Knows”